Activities of Yamagata University Students at Vietnam National University of Agriculture

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Activities of Yamagata University Students at Vietnam National University of Agriculture

Introduction about Yamagata University:

Yamagata University was built in Yamagata city. This is one of the peaceful and beautiful cities, attracting thousands of tourists every year by its wonderful scenery. Yamagata University is one of the specialized and comprehensive training schools of research, with strong branches such as: Agriculture, Arts, Humanities, Engineering, Medicine, Education, Nursing, Social Science and Natural Science. Yamagata University has a large number of students studying at university and postgraduate. The school has been training people with good qualities, whose views extend from thinking and self-criticism. In addition, the school also has an advanced English training program to help students gain a deep understanding and interaction with the international community or create more favorable careers.

Why do students of Vietnam National University of Agriculture have the opportunity to meet and broaden their knowledge with students of Yamagata University?

Yamagata University associates student exchange with Vietnam National University of Agriculture, working directly through Centre For Foreign Languages and International Education. There will be 2 exchange periods of a school year: August and early March.  Exchange time lasts for about 1 month. The purpose of this exchange is to help students at Vietnam National University of Agriculture to have a chance to use Japanese with native speakers, know more about the ways to learn Japanese and understand deeply about Japanese culture from the students who come from Yamagata.

What are the benefits when you attend a free class of Yamagata students?

If you are a beginner, you might think it's hard to learn with native speakers. What you think is not absolutely true because that way will make your Japanese learning process easier in the future. Why? Because you will learn the most accurate way of writing, pronunciation of native speakers from the simplest things. And that's something which not every Vietnamese teacher can instruct you. Yamagata University students are willing to help you understand and learn faster in a careful way. Moreover, these classes also have Vietnamese assistants.

If you used to learn Japanese in the past, this is a great opportunity that you cannot miss to improve your Japanese communication skills. This will be a favorable environment for you to improve your ability of hearing, speaking, learning new words, etc ... Finally, the most important thing is that you will learn how to communicate in daily conversation with Japanese people without any books.

Furthermore, you will also have an opportunity to be an assistant for the Japanese classes of Yamagata students. This is the way which Hinata Japanese club members of the Vietnam National University of Agriculture are using because being an teaching assistant can bring various benefits in improving Japanese language proficiency.

 Definitely, the most exciting thing for you is that you will be able to participate in interesting extra-curricular activities such as travelling famous places in Hanoi, cooking together, or jointly organizing Japanese cultural festival at Vietnam National University of Agriculture. In these extra-curricular activities, you will be the guide, which will inspire you in learning Japanese and improving your Japanese language acquisition.

Some pictures of Japanese teaching and learning between Yamagata University and VNU students.

Some extra-curricular activities between Yamagata University  and VNU students

Feedback from exchange activities with Yamagata University

Each student exchange period brings positive results in studying Japanese for students of Vietnam National University of Agriculture. Students who attended the classes feel very satisfied with what they learned. Many familiar faces continue to  attend later classes. The received feedback was mostly about the friendliness and enthusiasm of Yamagata University students. That makes the students who attended the classes feel really love Japanese and have more motivation for learning Japanese.

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